Sunday, July 5, 2009

Annexing the Living Room...

...or so my husband claims I'm doing. I've migrated from the bedroom, to the dining room, and now to the living room. Each time claiming a little more space. Again, all according to my husband.

In an effort to keep our toddler out of my husband's gaming supplies and cards, I emptied out my storage cabinet. It shuts so that Zeb can't access them and unintentionally destroy them. Hubby will now be storing his hobby items in the Rubbermaid unit.

For my sewing, we re-did the whole set-up, moving me to the living room. I've got another desk and two sets of shelving along one wall now:

I'll be picking up a couple of baskets at the Goodwill for further storage of scraps. That diaper box was just a temporary measure when I realized that my previous storage method was starting to overflow. It's amazing how quickly they build up! Anyway, once I do, they'll probably go down on the floor, and the flimsies will shift to the top shelf. I just need baskets that are short enough.

On the whole, I'm quite happy with it. I can roll my chair from my sewing machine to my computer. My fabric is out where I can see it and be inspired by it, even if Zeb can get into it. At least he can only make a mess of my fabric, rather than destroy it the way he was his father's cards.

In other news, I have the nine-patch quilt-along top on the frame. I tried doing a diagonal grid quilting pattern, but I suck at doing straight lines on this thing yet. Plus, I was using a blue thread, thinking it might be cute. Not so much.

I spent ten minutes putting stitches in, and another thirty pulling them.

So, while this top is on the frame, it will be waiting until this coming weekend for quilting. I don't have any white thread of the appropriate weight, and no extra money for the thread. We'll see what I decide to do as far as quilting once I've got the thread.

In the meantime, I'll go ahead and work on my applique project. I borked the bias tape the first time around, ruining the fabric that I originally wanted to use for the leaves and base of the wreath. I found another fabric in my stash that I think will work well enough though, so I'm not too upset.

I also found some notebook paper that's starting to turn yellow, it's that old. I'll take it to work tomorrow, and cut it into squares. I'll use that as a base for some string blocks. Gotta use up those scraps!


Anonymous said...

Do you purchase your quilting thread at The Quilt Center, over by Pick N Save? If not, check it out. You can get a 6000 yard spool (yes, that number is correct!) of A&E PermaCore polyester thread for around $15. It's a great deal, and they carry dozens of colors. I like to use that on the top, and Bottom Line in the bobbin. It's 60wt thread so it's super thin. Once the tension is adjusted properly, you can do a lot of quilting without changing the bobbin. I just finished a full size quilt with fairly heavy quilting and I used only 4 bobbins.

Jackie said...

Everything is so neat and organized! It must feel good!

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