Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Free For All

I ordered my solid for the Test Your Skills Sampler just a few moments ago, from

Let me just say that I'm SUPER happy.

Why? Because I just bought NINE yards of solids for $35.65.

That's right. Six yards of Kona Cotton Lake and three yards of Kona Cotton White (for another, separate project), and all for only $3.96 a yard. (Coupon code CAT811 for 15% off a purchase of $40 or more stacked on top of the sale price.) The sale ends 8/19/11. I'm not sure when the coupon code expires. And, no, I'm not sponsored by, nor by anyone else. I just think it's awesome to be able to buy Kona for less than $6.00 per yard.

Kona Lake
I just pray that the Kona Lake color is actually very similar to the on-screen display (at left). Right now, it looks a shade or two away from the light aqua in my binding fabric. 

If it isn't, I guess I'll have six yards of Kona Lake for another project.

Also done this morning... Pinning the snot out of the quilt sandwich to get Urban Worm quilted. Apparently, Friday mornings will be when I get things done. I have an hour between getting the kiddo off to school and when I have to actually shower and get dressed for the part-time job. 

Speaking of Urban Worm, since I actually have something to work on, I'm joining in on Friday Night Sew-In.


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