Thursday, August 5, 2010

Think Modern Thursday #1: Vintage Jacob's Ladder

Okay, so you all know that I'm on a solids kick.  I'm seriously tempted to start buying fabrics to make a quilt completely out of solids, especially since Joann's has a decent selection of Kona cottons that just make my heart sing.

Anyway, on another trip through blog-land, I came across this photo of a lovely, lovely vintage Jacob's Ladder top:
Yeah, that doesn't look very vintage does it?  Ann Champion is the lucky owner of this top.  It's thanks to her kind permission that I'm able to share this beauty with you.  Check out her post for the details on this stunner.

Now, the reason that this top caught my eye is because I've been thinking so much about the whole 'modern' quilting thing.  And that led me to considering that I should maybe show off the tops and quilts that capture the heart of 'modern' to me.  That brings me to this: the very first Think Modern Thursday.  I'm hoping to do this on a weekly basis, but I can't promise that the muse will cooperate.  (Not to mention, there's the whole self-discipline thing...)

Anyway, why does this particular top make me think 'modern'?

Jacob's Ladder is normally seen set within sashing.  In this example, the blocks are all set side by side, creating an interesting secondary pattern.

Next, the use of color in this top is extraordinary!  The 'background' is not comprised of white (or cream).  Instead, the maker elected to use a lavender instead.  And really, how many of us would think to use lavender with two shades of orange?  Not many of us, I'd guess.  I'd have thought about using a deep purple as a foil to those luscious oranges, but never something as light as that lavender.

Also, I love that the white catches the eye without overwhelming the rest of it.  The white and lavender provide a nice counterbalance to the two oranges.  The turquoise gives the quilt a zing, bringing some cool to what would otherwise be a very warm quilt.

I love when traditional quilt blocks are given such a crisp 'make-over'.  The lines in this top are strong, uninterrupted by busy prints that confuse the eye.

I think that does it for now.. Let's see what I come up with for next Think Modern Thursday!


Annemarie Chany said...

Great quilt! For some reason I always shy away from solids...but this is giving me ideas. Can't wait to see your take on a solids-only quilt.

Farscapegal said...

I am not a solid kind of person. I love textures in my fabric. I used a solid chocolate brown in one of my smaller quilts and must admit that it made the quilt. But other than that I can't imagine making a quilt of just solids. I am looking forward to seeing what you make. I "never say never". You may change my mind.


JeanR said...

I have never done a solid color, but have made a quilt with just 3 diff colors and 2 were solids and the 3rd a small checkered with the 3rd small checkered of the 2 colors it turned out awesome. I will send you an email with attachment, see what you think. I have a pattern book that has several patterns using only 3 different colored materials

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