Saturday, June 25, 2011

Holy Pieces, Batman!

I finally finished cutting my Double Wedding Ring pieces!! Unfortunately, my GO! DWR die set started to warp, like my first die set. Worse, I am now out of Amazon's return window to get them replaced again. This irks me, because the DWR die set is regularly $90. I don't really want to re-buy it, because I got them on sale the first time around, and I'm rather of the view that something that costs almost $100 should last quite a bit longer.

I will admit that I've put the die set through quite a bit of use. Of course I have. My DWR is going to be massive. Check out the numbers below, so that I can make this baby queen sized:

72 centers needed
161 footballs
161 EACH left and right green arc ends
161 EACH left and right orange arc ends
483 green arc centers
483 orange arc centers

That's 1843 pieces. I am CRAZY.

Post cutting, I have a ton of mindless chain piecing to do, because that's like 75% of the piecing in a DWR. After that, I can move on to adding the completed arcs to the footballs.

I have to admit, I've been bad.. I got distracted by Farmer's Wife blocks. They're so addictive! Plus, I got irritated by really aggravating paper piecing instructions, since I'm NEVER going back to piecing by templates again. Seriously. NEVER. AGAIN. (I have a mental image of myself in a Scarlett O'Hara pose, holding a fistful of fabric scraps, 'cause I'm crazy like that.)

Okay, I'm off to count footballs and to chain piece like crazy, and to also do two more Farmer's wife blocks before the new week starts tomorrow.


bbw1942 said...

of course it should last longer! a queen sized quilt needs as many pieces as it needs. a king needs more. the die should last for many large quilts.
you bought it in good faith and didn't mistreat it. accuquilt should act responsibly and replace it with a new one. accuquilt should stand behind the product forever.

have you contacted them?

Needled Mom said...

I would contact Accuquilt. A die should definitely last longer than that. I saw that die at Nancy's Notions for a lot less than Amazon in case you need to buy another one.

That is a lot of pieces!!! Have fun with the sewing.

Anonymous said...

I am so interested to find out how Accuquilt handles this issue. I was all set to purchase one but if the die's don't stand up long enough to even complete a quilt top what's the point? I would hope to use them enough to complete at least 3 tops to justify the expense. Keep us posted please.

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