Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday Block Love

The birthday blocks continue.  Somewhere in this apartment are two green and blue blocks for carilea, still.  So, I made two more, which I will NOT post photos of.  Why?  They were 12" (finished).  They should have been 10" (finished).  Nice, huh?  I love my (sieve-like) memory.  Thankfully, I remembered before mailing them, so, TA-DAA!

I also made the angel blocks for urban_quilter, who requested purple/blue stars.  Paper piecing, again, teehee.  I have such a love for paper-piecing.  Pardon the VERY wonky look of the crops..  I did a silly and forgot to put the blocks on a truly flat surface before taking photos.

These were followed by the Hour Glass blocks for blueskyeyez, in blues and purples:

After having so many requests blocks with blues, I came to the realization that I just don't buy blue.  Aqua, sure.  Blue, not so much.  This of course necessitated a trip to the fabric store - never a hardship, I assure you.  This lead to much buying of fabric, but most of it was NOT blue.  But I digress and will post photos of my stash acquisitions in a later post.  I have two more star blocks to make today, so that I can get them in the post tomorrow.

I am also very pleased to announced that the Great Insanity of 2010 is nearly done with!!  I'm this *squinches thumb and forefinger a very, very small distance apart* close to being done with the re-ironing and re-folding of my stash.  Again, a post for later, as sewing must be done while the Zeb-head takes his afternoon nap!