Completed Quilts

I started this quilt on June 28, 2002.  By sheer coincidence (or divine kismet), this was also the day that I met the man who would become my husband.

Many, many hours and three years later, I finally put the final stitches in.  This was probably only my second or third completed quilt.  There were a lot of stops and starts, as well as just plain failed projects, LOL.

Much to my regret, this quilt has reached the point where it must be washed and placed into storage if I want it to survive long enough for Zeb's children to even see it.  *grins*  Ah, well, just an excuse to make another Double Wedding Ring!  I love this pattern, and want to do one with solid black where you see cream, and batiks for the wedges.
Between 2005 and 2008, I started a lot of projects, but real-life and lack of 'oomph' prevented me from sitting down and quilting them.  The Great Tax Return of 2008 saw the purchase of the Little Gracie II and the Janome 1600p DB.  Choirs of angels erupted in chorus, and Hallelujah! I was able to complete some of my languishing WIPs.

One of those, Not My Favorite, is named that because I hated this top with a passion.  It had such potential, and I was so excited.  Then I ran out of the black that borders the striped blocks.  (This was the event that triggered my leap into buying a minimum of two yards of any fabric that called my name.)  Much searching produced only another half yard and I completed what striped blocks I could.

Making a perhaps risky decision, I decided to fill in with the bright pink petal print and prayed.  Once done, I decided it wasn't bad, but still, Not My Favorite.
I went through a fabric buying phase in which any repeat stripe that I liked had to make its way into my stash.  I then had a need to use these repeat stripes.  Two flying geese tops resulted.  Only one has managed to be quilted - Flying Geese I (imaginative, I know).  I think I finished this in May of 2009.  No, I am decidedly not the speediest of quilters.
In May 2009, I discovered quilt-alongs in blogland.  This top is the result of joining in on Amandajean's Nine Patch Quilt-along.  (I'd link you to her blog, but as of a month ago, she's retired from blogging :( ) At heart, I am a scrappy quilter, so I love this top to bits.  From beginning to end, this took about a month - totally a record for me.  I'm such a starter.

About the same time that I discovered quilt-alongs, I discovered swaps.  I decided to branch out a bit with this one for Doll Quilt Swap 7.  My first circular quilt, my first applique, my first attempt to machine quilt on my normal sewing machine.  Pardon the craptastic photo - all we had at hand, thanks to my lovely, lovely son, was a cell phone.

Another mini-quilt swap resulted in this one.  No title.  I made it, and sent it out.  Very minimalist quilting, meant to show off the bright, bright fabrics used in it.  I really, really love this one, and might have to recreate it one day, just for me.

It's Finished!

I made this for the Modify Tradition Quilt Swap.  I called it "Modern Beauty".  I know.  Imaginative.  But I like it.  Check out the blog posting here for more detail.

In August of 2010, I completed 'Escapees'.  Flying Geese are practically an addiction for me.  Check out the final post here, to see all of the gory details.  Okay, not so gory, but you get the idea ;)

This is from a design by Sandi of Piecemeal Quilts.  She offered the design as a free quilt-along through the end of 2010.  This one was a lot of fun to piece, and I really enjoyed playing around with the colors and fabrics, and coming up with something unique.  Blogged here.