Saturday, July 11, 2009

Piecemeal Quilts Give-away

I'm so excited! A fellow blogger local to me, who also happens to own the same quilting frame and nearly the same sewing machine for said frame, has reached 100 posts on her blog. Sandi also owns three cats (or is that owned by the cats??)

Sandi's just awesome :) She has a comprehensive list of things to trouble shoot when setting up the Little Gracie II frame and the Janome 1600P (or whichever variation of that machine one has). It was invaluable to me when I finally got the chance to play with my machine and start quilting.

Anyway, for her 100th blog post, Sandi is hosting a give-away:

"To celebrate my 100th post, I’ve arranged a little giveaway. The winner will receive six half yard cuts (for a total of three yards) of one of the following fabric groupings. You choose which set – I have a huge, eclectic stash and I tried to pull groupings that would appeal to different people. If I have more than 100 comments, I will give away a second set, and a third set if I reach 200 comments."

To see the absolutely delicious fabrics that Sandi is offering up, visit I was lazy and didn't feel like putting up pics for this particular post - forgive me. I'm in love with the Asian inspired set!


Kit Lang said...

I was excited about the giveaway until I saw that she's limiting it to US people. *is sad* On the other hand, it's nice to see you posting so frequently - and working at your quilting. Yay! :)

Carla said...

What great stuff! How exciting to be able to win these fabrics. Who wouldn't be? Good luck to eveyone...

Mandy said...

Only in the usa eh? I'd prefer North America... I mean NL isn't that far north... it's just east of NY!

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