Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Blog

No, I am decidedly not abandoning this blog. I'm starting another, food-related blog.

My wonderful husband, JohnPaul, has ulcerative colitis, and had a very nasty flare-up of the colitis, combined with diverticulitis, very recently.

This has propelled me into finding healthy alternatives that we can all enjoy as a family, our toddler, Zebediah, included. The trouble is, there's a lot that JohnPaul simply can't eat, or won't. For instance, we've discovered that he's extremely sensitive to garlic and beef. He also grew up being hyper-allergic to most green vegetables and wheat, so we're very careful about those two.

But I digress once again... Feel free to follow me, or not, on my little culinary adventure, as I test out and review 'new to us' recipes -->  Grey Cat Cooks


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