Saturday, January 1, 2011


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2010 was a good year.  I worked at a much more personally fulfilling job, with people that I like and appreciate.  My efforts are noticed and appreciated.  Zebediah is attending Early Childhood Development classes, and has made such progress in so many areas!  JohnPaul and I have had our rough spots, but we've weathered them, and come out stronger.

I was not nearly as prolific, quilt-wise, as others were.  But that's all right.  That's something I hope to rectify with the new year.  I've started to figure out where I'm happiest, creatively.  I'm a mostly traditional quilter with a distinct love of bright color.  I'm not afraid of new techniques or learning a new skill.  It's a good place to be in.

I think the best thing about 2010 was discovering such a wonderful community of quilters who share the same passion and energy that I have for quilting.  If I hadn't made the leap of faith, and jumped into the online quilting community, I would have missed out on meeting Sandi of Piecemeal Quilts, Karrie of Freckled Whimsy.  I would have missed out on the Sew Mama Sew! give-away days, and I wouldn't have won these two awesome prizes:

The hand-made needle case and charm pack (from scraps from her projects - how awesome is that?) were given away by Hilary of  She's got some awesome items in her etsy shop, Petite Legume.  The oh-so-funky and fun apron is by Kellie of And She Can't Even Cook!  Kellie also has an etsy shop, The Laughing Otter.

However, as 2011 kicks off, there are several things I have on my list:

First and foremost, to take better care of myself.  I have a bad habit of ignoring physical ailments until I can't anymore.  I'd like to change that, and start making sure that I'm on the road to better health.  Part of this is to genuinely try to lose weight, by improving my eating habits and by getting out there and exercising.  A really, really big part of the 'take better care of myself' initiative will be to decide on a psychologist and start getting some therapy.

I tend to shove all of my negative emotions down into a box, ignoring them until they explode, ugly and hateful.  Unfortunately, the person who tends to get the brunt of this is my poor husband.  Thankfully, he's put up with it this long, but it's time I broke that particular cycle and started taking a look at the underlying causes for my emotional repression.  And maybe, getting my mental health in order will be another stepping stone to managing my weight and physical health.

Now, this is getting long, and I've just discovered that Elizabeth of Don't Call Me Betsy is doing a 2011 Quilt List Linky, so I will post more tomorrow about what I would like to do creatively, and with this blog.  I've got some big plans, and I've talked about them previously, but it doesn't hurt to make a list for myself.

So, with that, I hope all of you enjoyed your New Year's Celebrations, and I hope the coming year provides enrichment, fulfillment, an abundance of creativity, and happiness for you!


Mary said...

I love your wonderful wins! May 2011 be filled with happiness for you and your family.

MariQuilts said...

Hi, I too consider getting involved in the online quilting community a great perk of 2010. Taking care of my health (exericise and eating healthy) are also on the top of my list for 2011. Good luck to you, I know how hard all this stuff can be. I enjoy your blog and Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you took the online leap! I've edited and re-edited this comment trying not to sound too creepy-sentimental-blog-stalkery, but... You're a great friend and co-stitch&bitcher (sometimes heavier emphasis on the "bitching" part!). I love quilting with my mom and aunts, but you (and Karrie and Lisa) bring a new perspective to the group. My basement's always open if you're looking for a mini quilting day getaway!

hilary said...

I hope you're enjoying your needlebook and the fabric - thanks for posting about it!

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