Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two More

Because I somehow forgot to post these blocks when I finished them five days ago...

A couple more blocks checked off, and a few re-drawn in EQ7 so that I can print the foundations for paper-piecing and have the blocks come out the right direction. If I'd remembered that I had the HSTs sewn, but not trimmed for another, there might have been three block finishes in this post, but my memory failed.
#067 Pine Tree
#067 Pine Tree
Not entirely thrilled with particular block, but I'm going with it. That dark green triangle is kind of throwing me off.
#051 Hovering Birds
#051 Hovering Birds

I'm really liking this plaid fabric as a background. I almost wish I'd bought a couple of yards of it now.


Sheila said...

a good harvest from your "sowing" activities. Your blocks look fabulous

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