Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hmm... Not So Bad!

So, I've added the borders to this top.


Forgive the crinklies, and it not being squared up. I just wanted to photograph it right away! And look! No kitties!

But, huh.

As I said yesterday, this isn't my favorite quilt top. In fact, due to the huge amounts of pink, my emotions regarding it bordered on hatred. I'm totally not into the "girly" end of the color spectrum.

But now, I look at this with the borders on, and I'm pleasantly surprised. I rather like the floating effect the blocks have because of that stripe of pink just inside the final border. It's still not my favorite, but I no longer detest this top the way I did. I might even be able to quilt it, and begin to appreciate it even more.

And even with this glimmer of a possibility of like for this quilt top, I don't think I'll be keeping it. It's just not me. I'm going to finish it though.


Kit Lang said...

Hi there! Thanks for your comment over at my blog and for joining me. Yay!

I love the pink! Off to bed now... :)

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