Tuesday, May 19, 2009


After far longer than I care to admit, I have finally taken a top and quilted it. I even got the binding on! It's got its share of mistakes, but I think I did pretty well for the first machine quilted top, and the first binding I've put on entirely by machine as well. It's even my first pieced backer. A lot of firsts in this quilt for me :)

I actually finished it a few days ago, but I finally washed it today, AND it's gorgeous out.

In other quilty news, I've finished all of the fan blade sets for my Grandmother's Fan top. Now I just need to finish them off, and then I can assemble them into the completed design.

I'm a bit behind on the nine patches. I'm hoping I can not only catch up, but get a bit ahead. I believe we're on day 23, which means I need four or five to be current.


Unknown said...

Congrats on the finish! I love that crinkly look they get when they're washed. :)

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