Friday, September 17, 2010

My Madison Quilt Expo Loot

While not totally thrilled with what the vendors had at the expo, I did find some absolutely darling gems!  My loot:

That's four quilting stencils, one new seam ripper, and four yards of fabric.

But you really have to see the fabrics a little closer.

Look at that!  Aren't those little elephants absolutely adorable?  I love that I even found a really cool coordinating print in the most perfect shade of fuschia.

Those seahorses just have me giggling!  And that orange print?  Isn't that just great?  I thought it was the perfect coordinating print.  It matches the seahorses, and keeps the flowing movement going.

Now, I know...  Two of those prints are a big departure for me!  They border on novelty prints, and my dislike distrust of my ability to use them has kept me from adding them to the stash.  Luckily, these are small enough prints that my brain isn't having a freak-out over the idea of actually using them.  I already have plans for those little, white elephants!


Kathy said...

I'm so jealous of you! I planned my trip back to Wisconsin to visit my family and managed to fly in on the last day! No quilt expo for me. I'm so glad you shared your pictures. I will do better next year!

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