Saturday, December 24, 2011

This Christmas Eve...

I can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas, and that we are just a week away from a New Year. Happy Holidays, everyone, and thank you for sticking around while I figure out sewing around my schedule.

So, anyway, today is Christmas Eve. Guess what I was doing?
Cheating on the Farmer's Wife
That's right ;) I finished a quilt top!

Actually, I finished this last week Saturday, along with the binding. I even got a portion of the backing done. It was an AWESOME sewing day.
The Backing
Everything in this quilt is from my stash - I'm starting to see a desperate need to start stockpiling again. My Double Wedding Ring top denuded my stash of oranges and lime green. This Bento Box quilt top has eliminated most of my aquas and purples.
Backing, View 2

I used some of my absolutely favorite fabric in the backing - Alexander Henry's "flora de los muertos" from 2004. (Yeah, I've stashed fabric for seven years. Haven't you??) I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but there are skulls interspersed through the fabric.

I bought almost a full bolt of this stuff. I wanted to quilt with it, and my husband wanted a Hawaiian shirt made of it... I can tell you which one actually happened ;)

So, anyway, the stats on this quilt.. the top measures 64" X 64", with sixteen 16" finished blocks. I couldn't tell you how many different fabrics are actually in this thing. I just cut until I thought I had enough strips. I spent two and a half hours this morning pinning the hell out the quilt sandwich. My goal is to be done quilting this by Monday evening, and, yes, I do have a plan for quilting it.

I'm determined to have a finish this year!


Lynne said...

Yay! It looks lovely.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Newbie Jen said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors.

Hitch and Thread said...

I think I like the back almost more than the front and I like the front a whole lot!

Susan J Barker said...

Great Pattern! I am working on the very same thing right now and was working on it on Christmas eve, too! Mine is Reds and browns and golds... i plan to put up some pictures of it today!

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