Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Laffy Taffy Basket

I haven't been able to work on my DQS 10 quilt as much as I've wanted to...  My mother-in-law is visiting friends in California, so I haven't had any nights off of watching the kiddo.  He's super thrilled - I'm feeling super behind ;)

Isn't that thread just delicious looking?  I made a midnight run to Walmart a couple of weeks ago and got this Coats & Clark thread thinking I could 'quick' sew the applique onto the flimsy.  No such luck (I got struck down by that sinus infection), but at least I'm prepared!

Speaking of yummy, I think this is coming along nicely!  The flowers are currently glue basted down, so that I can hopefully crawl over the last hump and get this flimsy quilted this week.  I already have a quilting plan in mind, so once I get time, it should be fairly quick.  Then, once this is done and en route to my partner, I can move onto other projects.


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