Sunday, March 20, 2011

Survey and Give-Away at Piecemeal Quilts, and Then Some

Sandi over at Piecemeal Quilts is hosting a survey and a give-away that are a result of her post on 'the dumbing down of quilting'.  Pop on over to read the post, then do the survey and get in on the give-away!

You all have seen my rants about simple patterns, so I'm sure it's no surprise to any of you that I agree with Sandi's post.  The online quilting community is inundated with modern bloggers, no few of whom have gotten to be quite well known for their adherence to the aesthetic that currently defines modern quilting.

Unfortunately, I feel that this adherence does a disservice to newer/less experienced quilters whose primary influences come from the modern movement.  There are so few modern (aesthetic, not contemporary) examples of piecing beyond squares and rectangles, and even those few extend to flying geese and pinwheels.  There is no reason that a quilt can't be something more complicated to piece and still retain a modern aesthetic.

In fact, I would argue that even a Dear Jane quilt, the original quilt completed in 1863, done in the right color scheme could be considered to have a modern aesthetic.  Check out Modify Tradition for some excellent examples of bringing modern to traditional blocks.

Modern quilters the world over!  Let's move beyond basic squares and wonky - test your limits and challenge your own creativity.  Make a quilt that speaks to *you*, one of your own design or take a traditional pattern and try a non-traditional color scheme, and get a taste of creative freedom.  Don't box yourself in because someone famous hasn't blazed that trail for you.


Lucky Duck Dreams said...

I think there will always be those lemmings who follow the herd. As someone who is self taught in the 90's through online swaps I was overwhelmed by the traditional quilters and hand quilting. So much so I never really finished any of my blocks into tops. I mostly did small wall hangings with hand quilting in my own patterns. When I started quilting again after a ten year absence I was encouraged by the trend toward the simpler pieced 'modern' styles and easier machine quilting. I felt empowered and completed three quilts in the first three months. I agree that I dont often like the slight derision I hear when others talk of 'traditional' quilting. However I think all quilting is valid. Especially when I look at the overly simplistic and more utilitarian quilting my one Grandma did. Some people are just not as creative and need simplistic patterns. I think whats great is that people are doing some sort of creative activity, believing in themselves enough to even try. Sorry this is so long. Thanks for the post and links! :0)

Needled Mom said...

Well said!!!!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I will head right over there. I enjoy following along with those quilters and even participating in some of their events. For me, thoguh, the inspiration hasn't been in the quilting, but in the use of color.

However, as I progress in what I'm learning and trying to "put out there", I have discovered already that I want to be a modern quilter who doesn't just do simple piecing or applique or paper-piecing. I want to do it all, or at least, know how to do it all. That's part of the reason I decided to host a paper-piecing quilt along. Just to put something different out there. :D

ps - only just started wtih the posted supply list if you want to join! hehe

funtalkermitts said...

I am forever trying to recycle a traditional pattern and never quite make it, you see the want is there, but the lack of design skills and good quilt history isn't. I do believe many design for the masses and not the few who dare and the offtimes when publishers are setting up deadlines can also cause regurgitation of old styles transformed by color. What do I know, I just enjoy my moment in whatever I am working on and seeing what it is you come up with. I for one enjoy watching how the quilting passion has grown deeper planted roots than any other time in its history.

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